óculos para hipermetropia


Long-sighted people are able to see objects
clearly at far distance, but struggle to see
objects close up. Glasses or contact lenses can help.

Mulher com hipermetropia

Signs of

You will find it hard to focus on objects close up. You might notice that you’re constantly squinting, or that your eyes get tired (eye fatigue) when you are reading or using the computer. And you may suffer from headaches caused by your eyes straining to focus.


For hyperopics, nearby objects are blurred, which can make reading, writing and viewing digital screens difficult.

The condition can be treated with specially shaped prescription glasses or contact lenses. To correct the way light focusses on the retina, the lenses are thinner at the edge than in the centre.

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Did you know?

Long-sightedness (or ‘hyperopia’) is what’s known as a ‘refractive error’.

Hyperopia is where the eye has a problem focussing light rays. In a normal eye, rays bend (refract) evenly onto a small area of the retina to create a sharp image. If you’re long-sighted, light focuses behind your retina, for one of three reasons: your eyeball is "too short"; your cornea is not curved enough; your eye lens is not thick enough. This will mean you will see things better that are far away.

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