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No two eyes are the same, anywhere in the world.
With personalisation, each lens is tailor-made to give you
the best possible vision and comfort.

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Find out about the benefits of personalised lenses:

What are personalised lenses? Unlike standard lenses, these are made to measure to your exact eye size, shape, movement and requirements. The personalisation gives you sharper, clearer vision with better contrast, helping your eyes cope with the demands of modern life.

CB_AC_Item1_528x241_-CustomLenses_optician.jpg How do they work? How do they work? Personalised lenses are tailored to the anatomy of your eyes and your lifestyle. With advanced measuring equipment, an eye care practitioner will look at your:
  • Precise eye measurements – for example, the location of and space between the pupils
  • Head shape and size
  • Dominant eye
  • Head and eye movements
  • They will also take into account your lifestyle and visual habits
  • Frame measurements

CB_AC_Item1_528x241_-CustomLenses_glasses.jpg What are the benefits? There are a number of powerful visual advantages that come with wearing custom rather than standard lenses, including:
  • The ability to focus clearly and comfortably in all directions without effort
  • Absolute clarity in all areas
  • Wider peripheral vision
  • Extra visual precision – useful for activities such as sport.

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Not all lenses are the same. The right lenses are essential for clear, comfortable vision. Your optician is always available to help with your choice. 

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