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Varilux gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort whilst providing natural vision near, far and in-between.

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As the #1 lens manufacturer worldwide we craft life-enhancing vision solutions, tailor-made to your needs.

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Your glasses are made up of two key components, the frame and a lens solution. Our lens solutions combine to correct your vision, protect your eyes and enhance your clarity of vision. 

Protect your eye health

Helping you protect your eye health

Lenses not only correct your vision. They should correct your vision and protect your eyes from harmful light. Therefore, supporting you in the prevention of long-term eye health complications. You can combine our protective technologies with all corrective lens designs.

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Enhance your lenses

Helping you have the best clarity of vision

It's important to enhance your lenses to deliver the sharpest vision and guard the lens solution against everyday elements. All of our Crizal lens enhancements repel water and dust, resists smudges and scratches and offer UV light protection. Depending on your need, find a different Crizal technology to reduce reflections or deliver additional harmful blue light protection.

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Correct your vision

Helping you see clearly

Following an eye exam, your optician will give you a prescription informing you of your corrective needs. You can correct your vision with two types of lens designs, single vision or progressive. Single vision lens designs are for all ages and correct with one power across the whole surface of the lens. Progressive lens designs are more complicated, they correct your vision across three different power zones seamlessly - near, mid and far. Ensuring you can see at different distances with one lens.

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