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Crizal Forte 

The most advanced and enduring AR lens on the market - with unique water repellence feature

For true 'premium seekers', Crizal Forte continues to deliver market-leading performance across all key vision criteria. It remains supremely easy to clean, is as scratch resistant as AR coated glass and boasts unparalleled hydrophobic performance (with a slide angle of just 6 degrees)

Ultra-efficient in defeating the 5 enemies of clear vision

Premium AR Efficiency    

The optimisation stack layers combined with a limited number of layers brings a premium AR efficiency with low colour intensity.

Two Year Consumer Guarantee Against Scratching and Manufacturing Defects
Essilor is the first manufacturer in the UK to offer a guarantee against scratches on AR coated lenses. Crizal Forte lenses come with a special two year guarantee which covers scratching and manufacturing defects.

For full terms and details, please refer to the claim forms below.

Crizal Forte Claim Forms:
Please use the Direct form if you purchased directly from Essilor and the Indirect form if you purchased through a Laboratory/Glazer
Crizal Forte Direct Claim Form.pdf [0.07 MB]
Crizal Forte Indirect Claim Form.pdf [0.07 MB]

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